Miracle Tree

The relationship of human and plants is wonderful. Plants provide us with oxygen, feed us, heal us, they give home and heat….This tree is only ONE of the infinite number of miracle trees. Ginkgo biloba is ancient, it is the plant which was highly respected by the oriental cultures. My intention was to express its diversity with the help of the jade as it is an ancient healing semi precious gems.

Country chest

...A beauty encompassing 1000 years. A chest in the Renaissance style which radiates the affluence of the country in the era of King Matthew. On the top there is a miraculous deer gilded with 24-carat gold. In front there is a magical miniature oil painting depicting the building of the Hungarian Parliament. This chest was symbolically made for the day of the Foundation of Hungary, 20 August, in 2015.


A harmonic and awesome chest, an eternal gift. Elegant but moderate, full of energy, generating positive feelings.Walnut veneered, hand polished, with a mahogany decor ribbon around it and with 450 tiny gilded ornaments.The “eternal” cherry flower inside with pearls. It includes the up and the down and whole world in miniature.


Ornament chest inspired by Transylvania's romantic landscape and Vajdahunyad Castle, proclaiming the glory of the old days.A slice of history, with a fascinating aspect, a blend of power and playfulness.It radiates safety and still carries the romantic tone typical for that age.

A special piece for special people.

Golden rooster

Each temple is a sacred center, with huge energies nourished by the faith of the people visiting it.The dome and the roof have got antiqued and silver coating. The facade – the eye of God – is gold-plated.The coppers, the lock, the key and the rooster weather vane are all gold-plated. The stair line has a hidden drawer.

Size: 15,35" x 9,45" heighet: 16,93 "

House blessing

The House Blessing chest depicts a traditional, Hungarian thatched farmhouse with a porch. It embodies the ancient knowledge, wisdom and attitude that might have been forgotten by now. Its worthy part is the House Blessing which has been made with an enamel technique that was an indispensable accessory of the families long ago. Windows are made with leaf-silver coating. There is a hidden drawer in the roof as well.

Size: 15.75" x 11.81" height: 9.06"

Strength, Loyalty, Hope

Every part is made of wood, painted and is covered with 24-carat gold leaf.
The eye of the lion is cut emerald (certificated).
The ornamental lock and the hinge is made of gold-plated copper.

Size: 19.29" x 15.35" height: 13.39"